2016 Election Timeline

January Board meeting (28th) through March 31

  • Nominations accepted to fill three (3) open Board seats starting October 1, 2016

First week of April

  • Stockholders notified that nominations are closed, preliminary news about the election announced
  • Candidates contacted by Nominating Committee, information gathered for the campaign website

April Board meeting (28th)

  • Board of Directors officially approves the ballot

First week of May

  • 2016 stockholder meeting invitation, ballot, and previous year minutes sent to all owners

June 17

  • Deadline for all proxy votes (electronic and paper) to be received

June 22

  • Official Board election; votes tallied and winners announced to attendees

Last week of June

  • New Board members announced to all clients and press

Results of the 2015 Bylaws Changes Vote

The 2015 election included a proposal to adjust the organization’s bylaws, including changes to streamline electronic notification and voting procedures, new language to comply with NCUA Rule 712.3 (“The CUSO Rule”), and a change to broaden the pool of candidates eligible for the CU*Answers Board.

After tallying the votes during the Annual Stockholders Meeting on June 17, 2015, the first two proposed changes (electronic voting procedures and the CUSO rule) were passed.  However, although voter turnout was excellent, the third change (broadening the rules for candidate eligibility) was not approved by the necessary margin (two-thirds of all shareholders eligible to vote).

Read the memo from Dean Wilson to CU*Answers Stockholders sent September 23, 2015