Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson

A Written Message from the Candidate

After over 30 years in the credit union movement, I still feel the need to try and contribute to our collective in whatever small way I can. Like any team or organization, the strength of that structure comes from the people who believe in the mission. CU*Answers has demonstrated a commitment to make all its owners and partners more successful in their core missions by committing to finding solutions that benefit all of us.

Opportunities often require people to commit to act. Finding like minded credit union leaders willing to invest both their time and ideas to creating better solutions for credit unions of all sizes is both challenging and rewarding. Many years back our small credit union benefited immensely because someone else in the network had a need for participation software. Collaborative creativity with a design to benefit credit unions of all sizes has always been the CU*Answers mission.

I have been fortunate enough to be the President/CEO of FOCUS Credit Union for the last 27 years and have been an avid user of CUSO’s and various industry networks. I have served on various CUSO, CUNA and League Boards and always found that I got more out of the experience than it seemed I put in. I am extremely proud of the work my fellow board members have put in over the past 5 years as we prepared for and developed an ongoing succession plan. I am proud to be part of this cooperative and am excited we have a contested election as that bodes well for our CUSO’s governance aspirations.

Thank you for any consideration and I encourage you to consider lending your time and talents to further engage with CU*Answers in the future.

Cooperatively yours,
Dean Wilson
FOCUS Credit Union

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