Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson

A Written Message from the Candidate

Running for a board seat seems like a very insignificant thing in light of what our first responders and medical professional are facing. However, when you peel a layer off the onion you start to see the grocery workers, service station employees and fast food cooks at risk and realize we are all connected and we all rely on one another.

It is with that segue I wanted to pass long my message as a potential board member at CUAnswers and how I might be able to garner your support. I have worked in financial services since the day I graduated from college but truly found my career the moment I interviewed at the credit union. Belonging to an organization that has a sense of mission versus a sense of profit has always been important to my self-worth. I have been a credit union CEO for over 20 years which has given me some exposure to both the ups and downs of the industry and through it all it has always been about the member experience.

CUAnswers operates in a similar fashion where their stakeholders, credit unions, are at the center of their mission. Successes are measured by credit union adoption of new technologies and solutions that will further connect them with their memberships. As a Credit Union Service Organization democracy is a key component in both governance and representation. I am very pleased this year there is a contested election as that means the CUSO is thriving and stakeholders want to participate and add their voice to collaborative.

Change is a constant in all our credit unions and with this current pandemic many of us are dancing as fast as we can to make sure members solutions are timely and effective. CUAnswers has change as a constant on their front doorstep. Whether that is related to new technologies or internal structure. I am proud of the work the board has done as we prepare for an organizational succession event but even more so I am proud of the template we have built for the future events that will occur as well.
Thank you for participating in the election as your engagement makes our cooperative a better organization for the future.