Voting Electronically

Whether or not you will be attending the Stockholders Meeting in June, you can choose to vote via proxy, either by mailing your ballot or by voting electronically.  In keeping with the spirit that cooperative owner activities need to be part of the online world, owners can choose to cast their votes via the Simply Voting ( tool which was introduced in last year’s election.

Q:  What about that consent form I had to sign last year?

A: The proposed bylaw change that was ratified in 2015 was the provision to streamline electronic notification and voting procedures.  Specifically, it is no longer necessary for CUs to sign an electronic consent form in order to use e-voting.  That means that starting this year all owners will receive election materials electronically.  Just remember that you can still choose to print and submit a hard copy of the ballot if you prefer.

Q: Does receiving materials electronically mean I must vote electronically?

A: If you decide at the last minute that you would prefer to cast your vote after hearing from the candidates at the meeting, that’s fine.  We will have extra copies of the ballot on hand, and as long as either the CEO or the CU Board Chairperson is there to sign the ballot, it will be counted along with all absentee and electronic votes.  We will still count only one vote per owner, of course, based on the one we receive last.