Val Mindak

Val Mindak

A Written Message from the Candidate

A critical focus for any progressive credit union today is to ensure relevancy. I am excited about the potential to serve on the CU*Answers Board of Directors and to share the perspective of community financial institutions and what our needs are in an ever-changing financial world. As the leader of a progressive credit union, Park City Credit Union is focused on providing interactive service options to enable our members to “bank” with us and to interact with us when it is convenient for them and their busy lifestyle. Every day, the growing fintech space has set the bar high tied to service and product growth and consumers are continually asking us for more. While our member needs are critical, it is also essential that we are driving internal efficiencies through our relationship with the CU*Answers platforms to drive innovation to address the changing workforce and hiring challenges to increase our operational efficiencies.

As the CEO/President of Park City Credit Union, I am committed to service execution, digital expansion, and innovation. I am seeking your vote so that I can be a strong voice for the CUSO to advance these strategies as CU*Answers continues to grow and expand. Park City Credit Union has a 12 year relationship with CU*Answers and we consider them is a key partner for our organization. We have made a significant relationship commitment to using all the various services and relationships of this amazing CUSO. We are a proud partner of CU Base, Extend, Audit Link, Bizlink, It’sMe24/7, as well as full utilization of EDOC and most recent… we moved the oversight and IT strategy to CU*Answers Managed Technology Services.

Park City Credit Union is committed and invested in CU*Answers’ future; we believe in the mission and vision of this CUSO! I am particularly excited about the growth and diversification of products and services of CU*Answers combined with their ongoing focus to expand delivery channels as this CUSO works to meet the needs of all credit union nationally – as we all strive to continue to be relevant!

Just like the credit union movement, I feel committed to “give back.” I would be honored to have your vote and to bring my extensive credit union knowledge and leadership spirit to this Board. I thank you for your consideration.

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