Val Mindak

Val Mindak

“Data-focused, digitally-driven, and passionate about how we can use CU*BASE to drive a progressive, intuitive, fast retail strategy to improve the member journey are my top priorities and the reason for my interest in becoming a board member with CU*Answers.”

As a CEO leader for the past 11 years and leading all areas of operations over the past 39 years within 3 different credit unions, I am very familiar with the value that the core system has on the growth and opportunities at any credit union. Our credit union serves over 22,000 members in 10 counties which requires that we are continuing to look at our service delivery and to bring strong digital strategies. As potential Board Member, I have not only my credit union perspective, but I also serve as the Chair of the Board for the Wisconsin Credit Union League, which gives me a statewide perspective of what credit unions need, their business strategies and what functionality is critical for a core application to possess in order for credit unions to drive their retail business and continue to advance their digital strategies forward.

A strong board member has many decisions to make tied to where to invest resources and what system enhancements are necessary in order to help credit unions cope with a changing financial landscape. I feel it is essential to have a wide perspective of how various credit unions desire to use the CU*A core system and to be forward-thinking. Bring ideas and solutions forward that brings value internally with the staff as well as showcases the value that the credit union can bring to its member-owners. My strong operational background will be very valuable in helping to strategically prioritize the initiatives necessary in order to ensure that CU*A is delivering a viable product.

COVID-19 has changed the financial landscape and a credit union’s ability to connect on every level seamlessly through mobile, internet and interactive member channels. Credit unions need help, and as a director I will ensure that we have those priorities in mind. Continuing to look for a strong digital, mobile and electronic channel delivery will be my priority.

I will be your voice as we challenge the current core platform and to continue to grow the functionality and accessibility of data so that credit unions can dig deeper and look for opportunities to grow and be relevant to their members.

I thank you for your consideration and the ability to represent you.

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