Thomas Gryp

Tom Gryp 2018 Nominee

A Message to the Voter:

The next three years will be both exciting and challenging for our coop.  On one hand, we say goodbye to the incredible individual who built CU Answers into the great organization it is today, including a very robust and capable team of executives more than able to carry the torch forward.

On the other hand, things will be different.  With a different leader comes a different style, a different way of communicating and to some degree, a different vision.  Not better or worse, just different.

For the CU Answers Board, it will be different as well.  It will imperative for your Board to use its collective experience to help shepherd our organization through this transitory period.  I am 100% confident that this will happen with minimal disruption, but knowledge and experience will be more critical than ever.

I commit to all of you that I will use my board tenure to make sure the onboarding of our next CEO goes smoothly.  I will also continue to do all I can to ensure our coop continues to deliver the service and support needed to successfully run your credit union.  I will never stop asking challenging questions and probing for opportunities to make CU Answers even more valuable to you.

I am incredibly grateful for the trust you have granted me to serve on our Board. I promise to continue to do my best to be worthy of that trust.

Tom Gryp