Security Rules During the 2020 Annual Meeting

For this year’s Annual Stockholder Meeting, we’ll be using the webinar feature via Zoom.  Attendees can connect via computer or phone. In an effort to secure the meeting and ensure a good experience for all participants, we be taking the following steps:

  • Attendees must register in advance for the webinar.  Attendees who attempting to join the meeting without registering beforehand may be denied by the host.
  • Registered attendees will receive an email with registration details, including an encrypted password.  This link will not be posted anywhere on a public website.
  • We’ll be using webinar option in Zoom, so participants will be muted automatically and web cameras will be deactivated. Participants may use the chat function if they wish to make a comment directly to the meeting host, but chat will not be allowed between participants.

For instructions on registering and using Zoom, click here to read the related story.