Kris Lewis

Kris Lewis 2018 Nominee

A Message to the Voters:

Dear Owners and Peers…

I appreciate you putting me in this board role three years ago and hope that you will again allow me to serve you for another term.  My first term has been filled with many learning lessons, a few drinking from a firehose moments and exceptional insights into an amazing cooperative. We do have a great firm and I want to continue to help push things forward in a positive light.

CU Answers is at a critical juncture in its history where we are in a transition of leadership. Randy will be retiring and we, the board, will be charged with finding the best person to help lead the firm forward. As a current Co-Chair of the HR committee I can tell you the board is working diligently to find the right candidate. I would love to continue being a part of this journey and being a voice for you.

The cooperative as a whole is doing very well and that continued health and success is top of mind for me. I ask for your vote of confidence in being a continued advocate for you, our owners, users and partners in staying on the board of directors.

Warmest Regards,

Kris Lewis
Allegan Credit Union