Greg Gurka

Greg Gurka

A Written Message from the Candidate

Wow, 2020 and the look of the new world.  When I initially thought about running for the CU*Answers Board, life was normal, seven to five workday, answer a dozen emails while watching television after work, sleep and repeat.  Now my office resides in the dining room, dual monitors, scanner printer, multiline phone, etc…  I was proficient at working remotely but am now an expert at serving the credit union and its members from home.

For on-line credit unions, that’s basically what CU*Answers does for us, they serve us remotely and they do it well.  We as individuals, as businesses, recently had to learn how to diversify staff locations and run operations remotely.  We were forced to adapt to a new environment, as disruption, the amount of which has never been seen, roared around us.

In a way, CU*Answers deals with this disruptions on a daily basis.  Their disruptions however are competition, hardware failure, software updates, clients making changes without consultation, mergers and the economy.  Like we work to achieve great employee communication, CU*Answers must get inanimate objects, inanimate programs to play nice, to communicate with a host of other programs, to function as a cohesive unit.  This is necessary to continue growing the business, to continue increasing the wealth of applications available to us to use in servicing our members.  What’s amazing is that they pull it off.  Sure there’s an occasional glitch but overall, up time and response time is more than acceptable and we continue to get new and updated software and services.

The current Board, the current management, makes this work and yet still finds the time to take input on improvements, wants and needs.  They set big goals, succeed, pay the bills and return the extra to the partners, the share-holders, then repeat.  Change is coming with Randy retiring in the near future.  It will be a new day in the Board room, the interaction between CEO and Board will not be the same.

I want to be a part of what makes this organization tick.  I have progressed from an $11.5M Credit Union to one that’s passing $132M in assets.  I’ve seen what the different asset size and staffing levels need to efficiently operated.  I want to bring what I’ve learned over the years, what I’ve heard from CEO’s, CFO’s, regarding core systems and what I’ve heard operational staff request and crave to the table.  I’m offering my 34 years of credit union experience, both the good and the bad, to the mix of individuals on the Board.  I want to help in creating change to the big picture then watch it develop.  I’m seven years from retirement, I know I’ve created positive change in my credit unions, I’d like the opportunity to do the same for others before I leave our industry.

Greg Gurka,

CEO Forest Area FCU.

Letter of Intent